Relief CBD Oral Spray


Relief CBD Oral Spray

Enjoy the soothing benefits of CBD in a fast-acting oral spray packed with hemp-derived CBD isolate. The wellness power of CBD is boosted by a blend of natural ingredients, including creatine, potassium, and turmeric extract that help recharge your mental battery, refuel your energy, and relieve physical discomfort.

Convenient, discreet, and portable, our Relief CBD Oral Spray is activated by a small pump for easy one-finger use, making it a useful option to get CBD into your system wherever you are. We never use artificial ingredients and opt for natural flavors from monk fruit extract and peppermint oil. When you need to soothe sore muscles or ease the tension in some achy joints, reach for Relief CBD Oral Spray to help your body recover faster!



Our Relief CBD Oral Spray provides you with rapid stress release and relaxation when you need it most!


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