CBD Distillate


CBD Distillate

We only use ultra-clean supercritical CO2 during the extraction process. This is a broad spectrum product, meaning it has 0% THC. Each container holds exactly 1 gram (1000mg) of distillate which contains over 90% of pure CBD along with some other minor cannabinoids. CBD distillate can be vaporized, smoked, or easily infused into your own DIY CBD products.

If you want a CBD product with no scent or flavor but all of the sensational benefits, then broad spectrum CBD distillate is for you! Distillate is highly concentrated, so a tiny amount can provide incredibly potent effects. What’s more, you can mix distillate into topicals and baked goods, giving you options when it comes to ingestion. Say hello to maximum calming relief and creative, discreet methods of consumption!



CBD distillate is a potent oil that has been distilled to remove all undesirable compounds leaving behind an extract concentrated in CBD. Learn about the extraction process, the benefits and drawbacks of CBD …

Our premium CBD distillate is created from high quality hemp plants grown in Colorado.


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