Balance CBD Oral Spray


A few spritzes in your mouth, and you’ll experience calming CBD wellness in no time. Our discreet and portable glass spray bottles contain hemp-derived CBD and a mix of natural supporting ingredients to help you level up and level out.


Our Balance CBD Oral Spray is completely free of additives and synthetic flavors and contains stevia leaf and monk fruit extract as natural sweeteners. The addition of green tea extract helps to bring you back to a baseline of peace and relaxation, perfectly complementing the soothing holistic qualities of CBD. Whether you want to find balance in life or add some stability to your physical and emotional well-being, our Balance CBD Oral Spray can bring you the level-headed feeling and tranquility you’ve been missing!



Balance CBD Oral Spray

Restore your mental and physical equilibrium and bring stability to your life with our fast-acting Balance CBD Oral Spray!


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